Thursday, September 13, 2007

Mt Rainer Snowman

August 18, 2007: We were blessed with four inches of fresh snow as we got past 8,000 feet on Mount Rainer.

Of course it was time for the snowman. How many places in the lower 48 get four inches of snow in August? We didn’t have a choice. It was pretty much our civic duty to kids everywhere to erect a snow monument to commemorate this historic event. We also hoped that it would still be there to greet us during our hopefully triumphant return to camp the next day. Time would tell.
(The first attempt to summit Mt Rainer was unsuccessful and we returned to our camp.)

Our little snowman was still there to greet us as we arrived back at camp. Its pleasant rocky grin now seemed to be more of a victorious smirk. It was as if the face of Mt Rainier was looking at us, smiling at our defeat today, and ready to dish out more trouble tomorrow. Maybe it was just our imagination.

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